COVID-19 -The simple way

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COVID -19 - The buzzword and the nightmare of 2020  and the years to come.

Some people mark it as the centenary of emergence of Spanish flu that took away may lives and many of whose treatment strategies are also being employed for the cure of this Novel Corona virus.

Computer nerds view it as the 404 error year.

And finally we saw the emerging importance of the healthcare workers, who came into limelight during this pandemic crisis. It stressed on the need for greater spending on healthcare and research and proved to the policy makers, who thought that it was a good idea to keep reducing budgetary allocation in healthcare, how very wrong they were.

Laboratories for testing COVID-19 IN India

Government facilities

The major bulk of the COVID-19 tests are being done in Government setups. The testing modality is RT-PCR or TruNATof nasopharyngeal samples. In simple terms, when you go for a test, the healthcare worker will insert a thin, soft tipped swab through your nose and through your mouth to scrape around a bit on the farthest area of the back of your throat. Then the swab will be put in a tight capped container (also called viral transport media [VTM]). Your report will be based on whether COVID-19 RNA is detected in your sample or not.

[*N.B. - There may be inconclusive report in some cases. You need to keep yourself isolated and repeat the test in such a case]

Private facilities

And of course there are private laboratories which provide testing facilities with a more luxurious setup and in case the stigma against standards of testing in government setup actually bothers you. Put your worries at rest as ICMR has approved private labs as well.